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G3E£N£ ■■-.iXW.C,

'ital and Surplus, $500,000.09

"irms acJ Cor: sobs invited

;-:. ..■ Mens Extended t P . \ on Savings and TSme Depo&'f ><




R. 1. MOO^F.







William Sullivan & Co.




/< /Trj/mnmnmiD


Public Library Greensboro, North Carolina


N.C. Class517* 56 Accession 52107

Author Greensboro




Where Quality Tells Phone 1800 SOUTH ELM ST.


; ?»■

Phone 377

Kinds [Work




Write for Catalogue W.

Newman Machine Co.

GREENSBORO, N. C. Corner Jackson Street and Southern Railway




Representative 206 South Poplar St.

P.O. Box 474; Phone 3020 CHARLOTTE, N. C.

The Negro

Agricultural and Technical



(Formerly A. & M. College)

Practical instruction in agricultural and mechanical branches. New departments established by the Federal and the State govern- ment for preparation of agricultural and mechanical teachers. Strong faculty. Easy terms. Successful graduates.

Open all the year round. For males only.

Summer schools for teachers of both sexes.

For catalogue, address PRESIDENT DUDLEY.

Phone 84 GREENSBORO, N. C.








HILL DIRECTORY CO., Inc. 823 Mutual Building RICHMOND, V A.


(N. C.)







Containing an Alphabetically Arranged List of Business Firms and Private Citizens; a Classified List of all Trades, Professions and Pursuits; a Street and Avenue Directory in Numerical Order; head of households ; a Miscellaneous Directory of the City, County and State Officers, Public and Private Schools, Churches, Secret and Benevolent Societies, etc.




Member Association of North American Directory Publishers




Directories of Other Cities on File in the Office of the Chamber of Commerce, 211 S. Elm Street.


Greensboro, N. C, and Richmond, Va.


Population United States Census 1910 15,895

Population Police Census 1913 19,746

Approximate Census 1918 30,000

Approximate Census 1919 35,000

GREENSBORO, GUILFORD COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA, in population is certainly second, if not first, in the State.

Greensboro is two miles square and fully one-third of its inhabitants live outside the corporate limits.

In May, 1933, a police census showed 19,716 inhabitants within the limits, three-year increase 3,851, or 21^2 per cent equivalent to 71 per cent, increase in ten years.

At this rate of increase Greensboro has more than 35,000 in the city and undoubtedly more than 15,000 immediately outside, served by street cars.

Many of its finest residence districts are outside the city, in addition to which there are fifteen factories, em- ploying more than 10,000 people, also outside.

Greensboro is located on the main line of the Southern Railroad, 288 miles south of "Washington and 361 miles north of Atlanta. Railroads radiate in seven directions within a radius of 100 miles of Greensboro. There are two and one-half million population, including some one hundred towns and cities, making it a splendid distribu- tion point. This fact doubtless accounts in part for the fact that several hundred traveling salesmen, estimated by some as 1,000, make their headquarters here ; and the further fact that so many diversified factories and jobbing houses are located here. This also doubtless accounts for the fact that it is frequently referred to as the "Gate City."

Greensboro is a delightful home city, splendid people, glorious all-the-year climate, its extremes of heat and cold would be called "mild" in most other cities, churches and schools that compare favorably with other cities of its class, while within a radius of twenty-five miles are lo- cated a number of the South 's best known time tried preparatory schools.

Greensboro is governed by a commission of three men. who devote their entire time to the work ; eity owns its water works; a garbage disposal plant; many miles of

splendid paved streets; an opera house seating 1,250; and market house devoted exclusively to the sale of meats, which are under constant city inspection and supervision.

The country surrounding Greensboro is a delight to the eye, and 150 miles of improved roads leading from Greensboro in every direction afford autoists a great choice of splendid roads and an ever-changing panorama of pleasing scenery.

One of the most delightful trips to be found anywhere is the fifteen mile drive over concrete-asphalt road, no finer in the country, to High Point, our splendid sister city, located in Guilford County.


Altitude— 843 feet.

Banks— Five. Capital, $1,950,000; deposits, over $10,- 000,000.

Churches Thirty-three (thirteen denominations).

Cotton Second largest cotton market in the State : 400,000 to 450,000 bales handled annually ; storage capa- city for over 50,000 bales. Greensboro spins more bales of cotton and produces more dollars worth of finished pro- ducts than any city in the South. The only cotton print works in the South is located here, while the White Oak Mills is said to produce 40 per cent, of the world's denims, being the largest in the world.

Electricity and Gas For light and power, supplied by North Carolina Public Service Co. and Southern Power Co. Trunk lines and auxiliary stations of latter company are located here, making it possible to secure a rate as low as 1% per K. W.

Guilford Battle Ground National Military Park. Five miles from city ; scene of the famous revolutionary battle of Guilford Court House, 1781. Beautiful grounds, many handsome monuments, chief among which is equestrian monument of General Greene, costing $30,000. It was here that General Johnson had his headquarters at the time of the surrender at Appomattox in 1865.

Hotels O Henry, Guilford, Cleggs, Huffines, New Caro- lina, Mount Clair, European.

Greensboro has an up-to-date Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A.

Hospitals St Leo's, one of the great hospitals of the South. Five other private hospitals and sanitariums.

Insurance Greensboro, leading insurance center of the South, having eight companies, including (2) life, (2) health and life, with combined capital nearly $1,000,000. Life insurance in force, over $90,000,000. Four (4) fire

3 WO


insurance companies with combined capital of $1,020,000, assets $2,500,000.

Library Public ; many thousand volumes ; serves all parts of county through country sub-stations.

Location On main line Southern Railway, 288 miles south of Washington, 361 miles north of Atlanta.

Population In city, over 35,000 ; just outside served by- street cars, over 15,000.

Productive industry Eighty factories, employing over 10,000 people. Fifteen are just outside of the city and employ about 7,500. These factories produce about twen- ty different classes of goods, such as cotton fabrics, fur- niture, office fixtures, cigars, fertilizers, chandeliers, lum- ber, overalls, auto trucks, automobiles, hosiery, machinery, stoves, flour, sewer and drain pipe, brick, buggies, build- ing materials wooden boxes, candy, etc. Several large nurseries and greenhouses.

Parks Three : Fisher, Douglas and Lindley.

Railroads Southern, radiating in seven directions.

Street Cars Electric; fourteen miles of track.

Schools None better; five colleges, including State Normal and Industrial College and Greensboro College for Women, with combined enrollment of about 2,000, also three colleges for negroes Agricultural & Technical Col- lege of North Carolina, Bennett College and Immanuel Lutheran.

Temperature Highest ever known, 102 ; lowest, 3 ; mean highest, 78.1 in July ; lowest, 39.9 in January. Ex- tremes very rare and of short duration.

Tobacco Two warehouses; handle about half million dollars worth of leaf annually; several cigar factories.

Telegraph Western Union and Postal.

Valuation Assessed valuation over $39,500.00 (as- sessed about 40 per cent.).

Greensboro is to be the big city between Atlanta and Washington and offers unsurpassed advantages for profit- able manufacturing, merchandising, real estate invest- ment, amid social surroundings second to none.


Garland Daniel, Sec. & Treas.

Manufacturers in Greensboro, N. C.

Air Brakes Wright Air Brake Co

Auto Bodies Ford Body Co

Automobile Burning-In and Testing,

Allred Testing & Burning-In Machine

Auto Trucks Southern Truck & Car Corp

Awnings, Tents & Flags Greensboro Tent & Awning Co

Balloons Crew Balloon Co

Blank Books Harrison Printing C^>

Blank Books Stone Joseph J & Co

Blue Denim Proximity Mfg Co

Boxes Elkin Box Co Inc

Boxes Roberson, Strader & Co

Bricks Alley George W

Bricks Cunningham Brick Co

Candy Ballance & Co

Candy Gate City Candy Co

Castings Cook-Lewis Foundry Co

Cedar Oil and Cedar Chest Material Brown George C & Co Inc

Chemicals Laird T Holt & Co

Cigars Clegg W F Cigar Co

Cigars El-Rees-So Cigar Co

Cigars King-Ferree Co Inc

Cigars Lang Cigar Co

Cigars Seidenberg & Co

Cigars El-Rees-So Cigar Co

Cotton Goods . . . Pomona Mills Inc

Canton Flannels and Piece Dyed Outings. .. .Revolution Cotton Mills

Crushed Stone Clegg C Bynum

Denims White Oak Cotton Mills

Elevators Otis Elevator Co

Elevators Westbrook W J Elevator Co

Embalmers' Knives Ammen L M

Fire Escapes, Iron Stairs & Window Guards Wilkins J D

Flour and Meal Greensboro Roller Mills

Flour and Meal North State Milling Co

Furniture , Standard Table Co

Furniture Sterling Furniture Co Inc

Granite Rowe & Roach Co Inc

Gray Goods and Yarns Pomona Mills Inc

Harness & Saddlery Gaulden George S

Hinges and Locks Wright Hinge & Lock Co

Heating Sanitary Heating & Ventilating Co

Ice Arctic Ice & Coal Co

Ice Piedmont Ice & Coal Co

Ice Cream Arctic Ice Cream Co

Ice Cream James Walter A

Ice Cream West James H

Machinery Newman Machine Co

Machinery Wysong & Miles Co

Mattresses Caveness Isaac F

Medicines, Patent and Proprietary Goose Grease Co

Medicines, Patent and Proprietary Justice Drug Co

Medicines, Patent and Proprietary Vick Chemical Co

Metal Products Sullivan Hardware Co

Metal Products Sullivan "William & Co

Mill Work Bain E E & Son

Mill Work Guilford Lumber Mfg Co

Mill Work Oettmger Lumber Co

Office Equipment Melton-Rhodes Co Inc

Overalls Blue Bell Overall Co

Pillows Southern Feather & Pillow Co

Prints Proximity Print Works

Printers' Rollers Isley W F & Co

Rubber Stamps and Seals Bagley & Alderman

Terra Cotta Pipe Pomona Terra Cotta Co

Salve Goose Grease Co

Salve Vick Chemical Co

Sashs, Doors and Blinds Guilford Lumber Mfg Co

Sashs, Doors and Blinds Oettinger Lumber Co

Sashs, Doors and Blinds = Pitts Julius R

Saw Mills Sergeant Mfg Co

Shades Cunningham Springless Shade Co

Shoe Polish Great White Way Bag Co

Shuttle Boxes Roberts Charles D Co

Soft Drinks Chero-Cola Bottling Co

Soft Drinks Coca-Cola Bottling Co

Soft Drinks Greensboi o Pepsi-Cola Co

Soft Drinks King-Cola Bottling Co

Stoves Glascock Stove Mfg Co



Abbreviations 159

Advertisement Index 12

Alphabetical Directory . 159

Banks 142

Business Directory 65

Cemeteries 144

Chamber of Commerce 150

Churches 144

City Government 139

Clnbs 150

Commercial Organizations 150

Courts 135

County Government 138

Fire Department 140

Hospitals and Asylums 148

Index to Advertisements 12

Insurance Companies 148

Libraries 150

Miscellaneous Organizations 150

N C Post Offices 13

Parks 150

Post-Office Department 13G

Schools 141

Societies, Clubs, Associations, etc 150

Societies Secret 151

State Government 137

Street Directory 553

United States Government 135

United States Local Officials 135



Reference is especially invited to the following alphabetical list of responsible, enterprising, advertising business men. The more you patronize them the better we can make the Greensboro Di- rectory; your attention is also invited to the names in DISPLAY BLACK TYPE throughout the book of those who take pride in sus- taining the city directory, and who do not borrow their neighbor's directory.

Adams W M right top lines and page 57

Alexander John G pages 3 and 24

American Exchange Natl Bank front cover and page 30

Anderson Coal Co right bottom lines

Banks-Richardson Co left top lines and page 50

Bernau R C right bottom lines and page 53

Broadway Cafe 61

Brown Real Estate Co right bottom lines

Carlton Phil R Inc left side lines and page 50

Carter Sidney W 62

Carolina Electric Repair Works 56

Central Motor Car Co 25

Columbia Laundry Co right top lines and 37

Consolidated Realty Co 59

Cook-Lewis Foundry Co 42

Craven E Franklin left bottom lines and 23

Curtis-Ray Co left top lines

Dick *s Laundry 37

Dick's Shoe Shop Business Divider

Dixie Fire Ins Co 51

Dixie Multigraphing Bureau 56

El-Rees-So Cigar Co left top and bottom lines and 36

Ellis-Stone Co 41

Gate City Life & Health Ins Co left bottom lines and 52

Gate City Motor Co 26

Glascock Stove Mfg Co 63

Greensboro Baggage & Transfer Co.... right bottom lines and 64

Greensboro Daily News back fly leaf

Greensboro Daily Record back fly leaf

Greensboro Hardware Co left side lines and 45

Greensboro Loan & Trust Co front cover and 31

Greensboro Music Co Miscellaneous Divider

Greensboro Natl Bank left side lines and 32

Guilford Hotel 46

Guilford Ins & Realty Co 59

Guilford Lumber Mfg Co right side lines and 55

Hennessee Cafe Miscellaneous Divider

Hightower J Daniel Jr 21

Hilton W P 22


INDEX— Continued.

Holt Cleaning Co 37

Home Bldg & Loan Assn 59

Hotel Huffine 47

Hotel Rhodes The 48

Howerton's Drug Store Inc right top lines and 40

Hunt Bros left side lines and 57

Hunt Thomas C Ine 23

Jackson B T 58

Laupp 's Madame Beauty Shop 33

McGlamery Auto Co right side lines and 27

Merrimon Ins Agency left top lines

Merrimon W B & Co left top lines

Midway Auto Co 29

Milton R H Electric Co right side lines and 41

Negro Agricultural & Technical College of N C 4

Newman Machine Co back cover and 3

North Carolina Public Service Co 41

North State Motor Co 27

Odell Hardware Co right bottom lines and front paste down

0 'Connor Arthur 42

0 Henry Hotel 49

Oridge-Weathers Motor Co beginning of each letter and 29

Piedmont Hardware Co right side lines and 45

Poole & Blue Inc right top lines and 43

Pullen, Henderson, McKinney & Co 22

Quality Shop The 53

Real Estate & Trust Co back cover and 60

Reaves H N Transfer 64

Rhodes Clothing Co 38

Rhodes The 48

Robins & Weill front stencil edge and 60

Shackelford F B Co 54

Sloan R G Motor Co 29

Smoot William J 44

Southern Life & Trust Co f rout cover and 52

Southern Real Estate Co backbone and 61

Southern Truck & Car Corp 20

South Side Shoe Shop 61

Stone J J & Co bet pages 248 and 249

Sullivan William & Co front paste down

Sutton C R Auto Co Alphabetical Divider

Sykes Ralph J Drug Store back cover and 40

Tatum B B left side lines and 64

Van Lindley Co back cover and 55

Vanstory Clothing Co top and bottom stencil edges and 39

Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co . bet pages 376 and 377

Vogue The left bottom lines and 38

White Company 3 and 24

Wilkins James D 35

Wills Book & Stationery Co right bottom lines and 34



♦Money order offices. tlnternational money order offices. § Summer offices.

||Winter offices. "Postal Bavings depositories.

Abbottsburg* Bladen

Aberdeen! Moore

Abner Montgomery

Abshers* Wilkes

Acme* Columbus

Acton* Buncombe

Adako* Caldwell

Adams* Watauga

Addie* Jackson

Adley Wilkes

Advance* Davie

Afton* Warren

Ahoskiet Hertford

Airlie* Halifax

Alarka Swain

■Albemarlef Stanly

Albertson* Duplin

Alert* Franklin

Alexander* Buncombe

' Alexis* Gaston

Allanstand* Madison

Allen* Mecklenburg

Allenton* Robeson

Alliance* Pamlico

Allreds Montgomery

Alma* Robeson

Almond* Swain

Alston* Warren

Altamahaw* Alamance

Altamont* Avery

Altapassf Mitchell

Alvin Duplin

Amantha* Watauga

Amelia Alleghany

Amy Ashe

Anatone Yancey

Andrewst Cherokee

Andy Polk

Angier* Harnett

Anna* Alleghany

Ansonville* Anson

Apalachia* Cherokee

°Apext Wake

Apple Grove* Ashe

Aquadale* Stanly

Aquone Macon

Arapahoe* Pamlico

Ararat* Surry

Archdale* Randolph

Areola* Warren

Arden* Buncombe

' Ta Jackson

\e* Hoke

5ur* Columbus

X sia* Columbus

A. ary* Montgomery

Asa* Brunswick

"Ashborot Randolph

"Ashevillef Buncombe

Ashford* McDowell

Ashland* Ashe

Ashton* Pender

Askewville* Bertie

Askin* Craven

Athlone Yancey

Atkinson* Pender

Atlantic* Carteret

Auburnf Wake

Aulander* Bertie

Aurelian Spring* . . . Halifax

Aurora* Beaufort

Austin* Wilkes

Autryville* Sampson

Avoca* Bertie

Avon* Dare

Aydenf Pitt

Aydlett* Currituck

Azalea* Buncombe

Bachelor* Craven

Badint Stanly

Bagley* Johnston

Bahama* Durham

Bailey* Nash

Bain* Davidson

Bakersville* Mitchell

Bald Creek* Yancey

Bald Mountain. . . .Yancey

Baldwin* Ashe

Balfour* Henderson

Balm* Avery

Balsam* Jackson

Balsam Grove*


Bamboo Watauga

Bandana* Mitchell

Banks Creek Yancey

Banners Elk* Avery

Barber* Rowan

Barco* Currituck

Barium Springs* . .Iredell Barkers Creek* . . .Jackson

Barnard* Madison

Barnardsville* . . .Buncombe

Barnesville* Robeson

Barrett Alleghany

Bartlett Camden

Bat Cave* Henderson

Bath* Beaufort

Battleboro* Nash

Battle Ground* . .Guilford

Baugus Alleghany

Bayboro* Pamlico

Bear Poplar* Rowan

Bearcreek* Chatham

Beard Cumberland

Bearwallow* Henderson

"Beaufortt Carteret

Beaux Wilkes

Beaver Creek* Ashe

Beech* Buncombe

Beeehcreek* Avery

Bee Log* Yancey

Bee Tree* Buncombe

Belcross* Camden

Belew Creek* Forsyth

"Belhavenf Beaufort

Bellarthur* Pitt

°Belmontt Gaston

Belva* Madison

Belvidere* Perquimans

Belwood* Cleveland

Benaja* Rockingham

Benbow Yadkin

Beng* Ashe

Benham* Wilkes

Bennett* Chatham

Bensonf Johnston

Bentley Alexander

Bentonville* Johnston

Berea* Granville

Berlin* Ashe

Bertha Currituck

Bessemer City t Gaston

Bessie Jackson

Beta* Jackson

Bethania* Forsyth

Bethelt Pitt

Bettie Carteret

Beulaville* Duplin

Big Laurel* Madison

Big Pine* Madison

Bigridge Jackson

"Biltmoref Buncombe

Birch Cherokee

Birdtown Swain

Bisco* Montgomery

Bixby* Davie

Black Creek* Wilson

Black Mountainf



Blackwood Orange

Bladenboro* Bladen

Blades* Craven

Blaine Montgomery

Blanch* Caswell

Blantyre* Transylvania

Bledsoe Alleghany

Bloomington Stanly

Blounts Creek* . .Beaufort Blowing Rock* . . .Watauga Blue Ridge* . . .Buncombe

Bluff* Madison

Boardman* Columbus

Bogue* Carteret

Boiling Springs* .Cleveland

Bolivia* Brunswick

Boltonf Columbus

Bonlee* Chatham

Bonnerton* Beaufort

Boomer* Wilkes

Boonef Watauga

Boonfoid* Yancey

Boonville* Yadkin

Bosley* Gates

Bostic* Rutherford

Bosts Mills* Cabarrus

Bowdens* Duplin

Bowditch Yancey

Branch Burke

Brandon Ashe

Brasstown* Clay

'Brevardf Transylvania

Brewers* Wilkes

Bricks* Edgecombe

Brickton* Henderson

Bridgeton* Cr*ven

Bridgewater* Burke

Brim* Surry

Brinkleyville* Halifax

Broadway* Lee

Brocks* Graham

Brookside . .Watauga

Browns Summit* .Guilford

Bruce* Pitt

Brummett Mitchell

Braschcreek Chatham

Bryson City f Swain

Buck Wilkes

Buckner* Madison

Buck Shoal* Yadkin

Buffalo Citv* Dare

Buffalo Cove* .... Caldwell

Bughill* Columbus

Buies* Robeson

Buies Creek* Harnett

Bullock* Granville

Bunn* Franklin

Bunnlevel* Harnett

Burgawf Pender

Burgess* Prequimans

Burlingtont Alamance

Burnsvillef Yancey

Bushnell* Swain

Busick Yancey

Buxton* Dare

Bynum* Chatham

Cabarrus* Cabarrus

Cagles Mill.... Montgomery

Calahlan* Davie

Call Wilkes

Calvert* Transylvania

Calypso* Duplin

Camden* Camden

Cameron* Moore

Campbell* Stokes

Camp Glenn Carteret

Cana* Davis

Canby Montgomery

Candler* Buncombe

Candor* Montgomery

Cane River* Yancey

Canto Buncombe

"Cantonf Haywood

Capelsie* Montgomery

Caraway* Randolph

Carbonton* Chatham

Cardenas* Wake

Carmen Madison

Caroleen* Rutherford

Carpenter* Wake

Carrboro* Orange

Carters Mills Moore

Carthagef Moore

Cary* Wake

Casar* Cleveland

Cash Corner* Pamlico

Cashiers* Jackson

Casma Harnett

Castalia* Nash

Castle Hayne*

New Hanover Cataloochee . .. .Haywood

Catawba* Catawba

Catharine Lake* . .Onslow Cedar Creek*Cumberland

Cedar Falls* Randolph

Cedar Grove* .... . Orange Cedar Mountain*


Celo* Yancey

Centerville Frankliii

Cerro Gordo* . . .Columbus Chadbourn .f . . .Columbus Chalybeate Springs*


Chambers Swain

Champion Wilkes

Chandler* . . .Montgomery Chapanoke* . . .Perquimans

"Chapel Hillf Orange

Charles Iredell

°Charlottet . .Mecklenburg

Cheoah* Graham

Cherokee* Swain

Cherry field * Transylvania Cherry Lane* . .Alleghany

Cherrypoint Craven

Cherryvillet Gaston

Chestnutridge Yadkin

Chicod Pitt

Chimney Rock* .... Rutherford

China Grovef Rowan

Chinquapin* Duplin

Chocowinity* . . .Beauford

Cid* Davidson

City Alleghany

Clarcmont* Catawba

Clarendon* Columbus

Clark* Craven

Clarktonf Bladen

Clarrissa* Mitchell

Clayroad Moore

Claytont Johnston

Clemmons* Forsyth

Cleveland* Rowan

Cleveland Mills*


Cliffside* Rutherford

Clifton* Ashe

Climax* Guilford

"Clintonf Sampson

Clyde* Haywood

Coalside Jackson

Coats* Harnett

Coeburn* Swain

Cof ield . . * Hertford

Cognac* Richmond

Coinjock* Currituck

Cold Spring Burke


Colerain* Bertie

Coleridge* Randolph

Coles Store* Randolph

Colfax* Guilford

Colington* Dare

Collettsville* . ..Caldwell

Colly Bladen

Colon Lee

Columbia* Tyrrell

Columbus* Polk

Comfort* Jones

Como* Hertford

Complex Davidson

"Concordf Cabarrus

Conetoe* Edgecombe

Congo .Wilkes

Connellys Springs* .Burke

Conover* Catawba

Conway* . . .Northampton

Cooleemee* Davie

Cooper* Cumberland

Corapeake* Gates

Corbett* Caswell

Cordova* Richmond

Corinth* Chatham

Cornatzer Davie

Cornelius . . .Mecklenburg

Corolla* Currituck

Council* Bladen

Cove City* Craven

Cove Creek* . . .Haywood

Covington Richmond

Cowarts* Jackson

Crabtree* Haywood

Cranberry* Avery

Creedmoor* . . ..Granville

Creek* Warren

Cremo* Bertie

Crescent* Rowan

Crestmont* Haywood

Creston* Ashe

Creswell* Washington

Cricket Wilkes

Croatan* Craven

Crossnore* Avery

Cross Rock Madison

Crouse* Lincoln

Crumpler* Ashe

Cruso* Haywood

Crutchfield* Surry

Culberson* Cherokee

Cullasaja* Macon

Cullowhee* Jackson

Cumberland *.Cumberland

Cummock* Lee

Curfew McDowelr

Currie* Pende

Currituck* Curritu k

Cyele* Yadkin!

Cyrus Onslow

Dabney* Vance

Dale Yancey

Dallas* Gaston

Dalton* Stokes

Dana* Henderson

Danbury* Stokes

Dandy Ashe

Darby Wilkes

Dardens* Martin

Darkridge Avery

Darnell Wilkes

Davidsonf . .Mecklenburg Davidsons River*


Davis* Carteret

Day Book* Yancey

Dealville* Alexander

Dean Macon

Deep Run* Lenoir

Dehart* Wilkes

Dellwood* Haywood

Delway* Sampson

Democrat* .... Buncombe

Denim* Guilford

(Branoh of Greensboro) .

Denny Wilkes

Denton* Davidson

Denver* Lincoln

D«rita* Meoklenburg

Devotion Surry

Dillard* Stokes

Dillingham* . . .Buncombe

Dillsboro* Jackson

Dimmette* Wilkes

Dixon* Onslow

Dobson* Surry

Dockery* Wilkes

Dome* McDowell

Donnohaf Forsyth

Dorsey Swain

Doss* Yancey

Dothan* Columbus

Dough ton* Wilkes

Dover* Craven

Draper* Rockingham

Dresden* Ashe

Drexel* Burke

Drumhill* Gates

Drycreek Montgomery

Dublin* Bladen

Duck Currituck

Duck Creek* Onslow

Dudley* Wayne

Dukef Harnett

Dulah Columbus

Dundarrach* Hoke

Dunlap* Iredell

°Dunnf Harnett

Durants Neck*.


"Durhamf Durham

Duvall* Macon

Dysortville* McDowell

Eagle Nests§*... Hay wood

Eagle Rock* Wake

Eagle Springs* Moore

Earl* Cleveland

Earleys* Hertford

East Arcadia* Bladen

East Bend* Yadkin

East Durhamf.- Durham East Flat Rock*

Henderson East Fruitland* . . . . Wilkes

East Lake* Dare

East Laport* Jackson

East Monbo* Iredell

East Spencer* Rowan

Edentonf Chowan

Edgar* Randolph

Edgemont* Caldwell

Edison Ashe

Edmonds* Alleghany

Edneyville* Henderson

Edwards* Beaufort

Edwards Crossroads*

Alleghany Efirda Mills* Stanly

"Eflandf Orange

Ela* Swain

Elams* Warren

Elberon* Warren

Eldorado* . . .Montgomery

Elease* Cumberland

Eleazer Randolph

Electric* Stanly

Elhanan* McDowell

"Elizabeth Cityf

Pasquotank Elizabethtown* .... Bladen

Elkinf Surry

Elk Park* Avery

Elk Spur Alleghany

Elkton* Bladen

Elkville* Wilkes

Ellenboro* Rutherford

Eller Davidson

Ellerbe* Richmond

Elli jays* Macon

Elliott* SampBon

Elm Cityf Wilson

Elmwood* Iredell

°EIon Colleget ... Alamance

Elrod* Robeson

Embro* Warren

Emerson* Bladen

Enfieldf Halifax

Engelhard* Hyde

English Madison

Ennioe* Alleghany


Entwistle* Richmond

Erastus Jackson

Erect . , Randolph

Erlinger, .Davidson

Eskota* Yancey

Esmeralda . . . Rutherford

Essex* Halifax

Estatoe Mitchell

Ether* Montgomery

Etna* Macon

Etowah* Henderson

Eufola* Iredell

Eulalie Macon

Eure* Gates

Eureka* Wayne

Evans Chatham

Everetts* Martin

Evergreen* Columbus

Ewart Mitchell

Exum* Brunswick

Exwav Richmond

Fair Bluff* Columbus

Fairfield* Hyde

Fairmontt Robeson

Fairview* Buncombe

Faisonf Duplin

Falcon* Cumberland

Falkland* Pitt

Fallcliff Jackson

Fallston* Cleveland

Farmer* Randolph

Farmington* Davie

Farm School* .Buncombe

Farmvillef Pitt

Faust* Madison

Fayettevillet .Cumberland

Ferguson* Wilkes

Fig* Ashe

Finley Caldwell

Fishtop Polk

Fitch* Caswell

Flat Rockf . . .Henderson

Flats* Macon

Fleetwood Ashe

Fletcher* Henderson

Flinty* Yancey

Florence* Pamlico

Folkstone* Onslow

Fonta Flora* Burke

Fontana* Swain

Forbes Mitchell

Forest Cityt . .Rutherford

Fork* Davie

Forney* Swain

Fort Barnwell* Craven

Fort Landing* .... Tyrrell

Fountain* Pitt

Four Oaks* Johnston

Francisco* Stokes

Frank* Avery

Franklinf Macon

°Franklintonf .... Franklin Franklinville* . . .Randolph

Freeland* Brunswick

Freeman* Columbus

Fremontf Wayne

Friendship Guilford

Frisco* Dare

Frosty Chatham

Fullers* Randolph

Fuquay Springs* .... Wake

Furches* Ashe

Gale Ashe

Gap Stokes

Garden City*. ..McDowell

Garland* Sampson

Garner* Wake

Garren Ashe

Garysburg* .Northampton Gaston Yancey

"Gastoniaf Gaston

Gates* Gates

Gatesville* Gates

Gay Jacksol

Gem Buncombe

Genoa* Wayne

George* . . . Northampton

Georgeville* Cabarrus

Germantown* Stokes

Gerton* Henderson

Ghio Richmond

Gibbs* Burke

Gibson* Scotland

Gibsonville* Guilford

Gideon Stokes

Gilkey* Rutherford

Gillett* Onslow

Gillikin Carteret

Gilreath* Wilkes

Glade Valley*.. Alleghany

Glass* Cabarrus

Glen Alpine* Burke

Glen Ayre* Mitchell

Glendale Springs Ashe

Glendon* Moore

Glenn Ashe

Glenola* Randolph

Glen Raven*... .Alamance

Glenville* Jackson

Glen wood* Guilford

Gliden* Chowan

Globe* Caldwell

Gloucester* Carteret

Gneiss Macon

Godwin* Cumberland

Gold Hill* Rowan

"Goldsborof Wayne

Goldston* Chatham

Goodspring Surry

Gordontown .... Davidson

Gorman* Durham

Goshen Wilkes

Gragg Avery

Grahamf Alamance

Grandin* Caldwell

Grand view* Cherokee

Grandy* Currituck

Granite Falls* . . .Caldwell Granite Quarry t . . .Rowan

Grantsboro* Pamlico

Graphiteville . . . McDowell

Grassy Creek* Ashe

Gray* Alleghany

Grayson* Ashe

Green Hill* . . .Rutherford Greenmountain*.. Mitchell

Green Park§* Watauga

°Greensborof Guilford

Greens Creek* .... Jackson

"Greenvillef Pitt

Gregory* Currituck

Grevstone* Vanc«

Grifton* Pitt

Grimesland* Pitt

Grimshawes* Jackson

Grists* Columbus

Grove Hill* Warren

Grover* Cleveland

Guide* Columbus

Guilford* Guilford

Guilford College*


Gulf* Chatham


Gum Neck* Tyrrell

Gupton Franklin

Guyton Balden

Hackett Watauga

Hackney Chatham

Halifax* Halifax

Hallison* Moore

Hallsboro* Columbus

Halls Mills* Wilkes

Hallsville* Duplin

Hamilton* Martin

Hamletf Richmond

Hampstead* Pender

Hampton ville* Yadkin

Handy Davidson

Hannersville* . . . Davidson

Hanrahan* Pitt

Harbinger* Currituck

Harkers Island* . .Carteret

Harley Wilkes

Harmon Afhe

Harmony* Iredelle

Harnett* Harn et

Harpers Crossroads

Chathsm Harrellsvitle* .... Hertford


Harris* Rutherford

Harrisburg* Cabarrus

Harrisville . . .Montgomery

Hartshorn* Alamance

Harvard* Yancey

Hassell* Martin

Hasty* Scotland

Hatteras* Dare

Havelock* Craven

Hawbranch* Moore

Hawk Mitchell

Haw River* Alamance

Hayesville* Clay

Hayne* Sampson

Hays* Wilkes

Haywood* Chatham

Heathsville* Halifax

Heaton Avery

Helton* Ashe

Hemlock* Ashe

Hemp* Moore

Hendersonf Vanoe



Hendrix Wilkes

Henrico* Northampton

Henrietta* . . .Rutherford

Henry* Lincoln

Henry River* Burke

"Hertford t . .. .Perquimans

Hester* Granville

Hewitts* Swain

"Hickory t Catawba

Hiddenite* Alexander

Higdonville* Macon

Higgins* Yancey

Highfalls* Moore

Highlands! Macon

"HighPointf . . ..Guilford

High Rock* Davidson

Highshoals* Gaston

Hightowers* Caswell

Hildebran* Burke

Hillgirt* Henderson

"Hillsborof Orange

Hills Store Randolph

Hiwassee* Cherokee

Hobbsville* Gates

Hogbood* Halifax

Hobucken* Pamlico

Hoffman* Richmond

Hollis* Rutherford

Hollyridge* Onslow

Holly Spring* Wake

Hookerton* Greene

Hope Millst . .Cumberland

Hopkins* Ashe

Horse Shoe* Henderson

Horton Watauga

Hot Springsf Madisou

House* Pitt

Houstonville* Iredell

Hubert* Onslow

Hudson* Caldwell

Hughes* Avery

Huntdale* Mitchell

Hunters ville*


Hunting Creek* Wilkes

Huntley* Sampson

Hurdle Mills* Person

Hurricane Haywood

Husk Ashe

Icard Burke

Idlewild* Ashe

Immer Montgomery

Indian Town* Camden

Indian Trail* Union

Inez* Warren

Ingalle* Avery

Ingold* Sampson

Iotla Macon

Iron Station* Lincoln

Ivanhoe* Sampson

Ivy* Madison

Jackson* . . .Northampton Jackson Hill* . . .Davidson Jacksons Creek .Randolph Jackson Springs* . . .Moore Jacksonville! Onslow

Jalong* Person

James City* Craven

Jamestown Guilford

Jamesville* Martin

Janeiro Pamlico

Japan* Graham

Jarvisburg* Currituck

Jefferson* Ashe

Jennings* Iredell

Jericho Caswell

Jerome Bladen

Jerry* Tyrrell

Jessie Cumberland c

Jesup* Moore

Joe* Madison

Johns* Scotland

Jonas Ridge* Burke

Jonesborot Lee

Jonesville* Yadkin

Jordan* Chatham e

Joy Burke

Joynes Wilkes

Jubilee* Davidson

Judson* Swain

Julian* Guilford

Just Madison

Kabosa Swain

Kannapolist Cabarrus c

Kanoy Randolph

Kapps Mill Surry

Katesville* Franklin

Kearney Franklin

Keener* Sampson

Kelford* Bertie

Kellum* Onslow

Kelly* Bladen °

Kemps. Mills . . .Randolph

Kenansville* Duplin

Kenlyt Johnston

Kennebec* Wake

Kernersvillet Forsyth

Kerr* Sampson

Kevser* Moore

Kimbolton* Chatham

Kimesville* Guilford

King* Stokes

King Creek* Caldwell

•Kings Mountain!

Cleveland Kinsey* Cherokee

"Kinstont Lenoir

Kipling* Harnett

Kittrellf Vance

Kitty Hawk* . . .Currituck

Knightdale* Wake

Knotts Island* .Currituck

Knottville Wilkes

Kona Mitchell

Kukns* Carteret

Kyle Macon

Ladonia Surry

Lagoon* Bladen

Le Granget Lenoir

Lakedale Cumberland

Lake Junaluska*


Lake Landing* Hyde

Lake Toxaway*


Lakeview* Moore

Lake Waccamaw*


Landis* Rowan

Lansing* Ashe

Lanvale Brunswick

Lasker* Northampton

Lassiter Randolph

Lattimore* Cleveland

Laurelbranch* .Alleghanv

Laurel Hill* Scotland

Laurel spring* . .Alleghany e Laurinburgt . . . Scotland Lawndale* . . . .Cleveland Leakevillet . .Rockingham Leman Moore

"Leander Watauga

Leasburg* Caswell

Leatherman* Macon

Ledger* Mitchell

Lee* Madison


Leechville* Beaufort

Ledgerwood* .... Caldwell

Leicester* Buncombe

Leland* Brunswick

Lemon Springs* Lee

Lena Cumberland

Lenoirf Caldwell

Leon* Duplin

Lester Wilkes

Letitia* Cherokee

Lewiston* Bertie

Lewisville* Forsyth

Lexington t Davidson

Leyula Wilkes

Liberty* Randolph

Light* Davidson

Lilesville* Anson

Lillingtonf Harnett

Lilly* Camden

Lincolntonf Lincoln

Linden* Cumberland

Linville* Avery

Linville Falls* Burke

Linwood* Davidson

Littlef ield Pitt

Little Switzerland*


Littletonf Halifax

Lobelia Hoke

Locust Stanly

Log Halifax

Lola Carteret

Lomax Wilkes

Longisland* . . . Catawba

Loray* Iredell

Louisburgf . . . .Franklin

Lovelace Wilkes

Lowe* Robeson

Lowell* Gaston

Lowgap* Surry

Lowland* Pamlico

Lucama* Wilson

Luck* Madison

Lukens* C